How time flies! It has been two decades since our foundation, and Bestgrand has got great achievements in the past years. Today it is a group enterprise in diversified business, indeed, Bestgrand People suffer a lot and go through a lot on its road of growing.

As early as our foundation, Besgrand is already embodied with commitment and hardworking. We have no industrial experience and no technical talents, however, we have survived and developed in 1990s when the economic environment was not well matured in China. Bestgrand accumulated very important experience for its later development in industrial properties through the construction of Legend Computer Industrial Park and CCT Telecom Industrial Park, a good foundation for our rapid development in the later period was made.

In the early 21st century, Bestgrand take notice of the venture investment, a new economic mode in China.  Upon careful analysis and prudent consideration, Bestgrand decided to get into venture investment and became one of the earliest nongovernmental investors in China.  Then we create classic investment cases including Mindray, North 22, NVC Lighting etc.  Success in venture investment helped us to enlarge our vision and we started to discover and invest in other economic fields than real estate and venture investment.  From then on, we become opportunity-creator from opportunity catcher.

In 2003, the eastern area of the Petrochemical Industrial Park in Daya Bay of Huizhou was put into development, which was a turning point for the rapid development of Bestgrand.  The government decided to develop Daya Bay  Petrochemical Industrial Park into a world first class petrochemical base, we believed this far-looking strategic plan would be a good development opportunity in the field of chemical industry, participating in the construction and cooperating with well-known petrochemical enterprises such as CSPC gives us priority.

All at a blinking, 20 years have been passed and Bestgrand has achieved a lot in the fields of investment, chemical industry and real estate; We, Bestgrand People, are gratified for our persistence and achievements.

Last but not least, the development of Bestgrand will not be possible if there’s no support from the government and the society as well as the hard work of Bestgrand People. We are highly appreciated of that.

For the next epoch, we are expecting more in great confidence.  Although Bestgrand is not yet an international famous brand, still we are proud of that Bestgrand People always take honest behavior and hardworking spirit; always insist on the corporate culture of “to be honest in person and to be dedicated to work”; always inherit the corporate tenet of “simple, practical and efficient”; always uphold the corporate concept of “beauty our life by techniques and strengthen our nation by industry”, all these combined will make Bestgrand a bright future.

“Nothing could block our forwarding steps”. We know there are a lot of blocks while we are moving forwards, but we fear nothing.  Facing the opportunity of rapid economic development in China, we take multi-industrial perspective and diversified investment mode to develop potential fields to make us become a world famous enterprise and realize our dream of strengthening our nation by industry.  We believe that Bestgrand is well-built at present, and we will make more brilliant achievements in the next 20 years.


Huang Shaokang
Chairman of the Bestgrand Holdings Limited


Huizhou Bestgrand Holdings Co., Ltd. is a modernized enterprise with over 20 years of development in diversified business. In 1990s, we have started our business in industrial estate and later engaged ourselves to venture investment field, and afterwards, with the development and construction of Petrochemical Industrial Park in Huizhou, we got our opportunity of rapid development in the field of chemical industry.

In the field of venture investment, we particularly have a preference on the enterprises of “technical innovation and new commercial type”. Our unique insight and keen scent to the market have helped many enterprises become “NO.1 in China”. We are in hope of increasing our capitals through venture investment and meanwhile, understanding the rules of the industries, studying more knowledge and discovering leadings, so as to realize the transition from venture investment to industrial investment in proper time, making our family, Bestgrand Group bigger.

In the field of chemical industry, we had seized opportunities during the early construction era of Daya Bay Petrochemicals Industrial Park, and nowadays enable us to be a group with production and logistic. And that’s why some of our subsidiaries have become the qualified suppliers of the world well-known chemical enterprises such as CSPC, CNOOC, HMC and LCY, located right in Daya Bay Petrochemicals Industrial Park. In future, we’ll always dedicate ourselves to pursuing our dream, to server our nation by industry and make us become flagship in the industry.

In the field of real estate, we have one of the largest class A land development project in Guangdong and even in China, as well as several large scale industrial parks, in addition, we also have first class office buildings in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Upon our powerful strength, we have started our business in commercial properties and tourism properties, enjoying a good reputation as usual.  At this time, we are just getting ourselves well-prepared for our further development.

In the future, We, Bestgrand will be continuing carrying forward the corporate culture of “to be honest in person and to be dedicated to work”, persisting in the mission of “beautify our life by techniques and benefit our nation by industry”, making full use of the resources in the fields of investment, chemical industry and real estate to accelerate our development.

The Bestgrand Holdings: Parallel Development of Investment, Chemical Industry and Real Estate
The Bestgrand started from industry and real estate, and then invested successfully in constructing two industrial parks of Lenovo and CCT TELECOM, also set foot in venture capital and made great achievements such as investments in Mindray Medical International Limited, and NVC Lighting Technology Corporation, North 22 Solutions Limited. It seized a good opportunity of exploring east area in Daya Bay petrochemical zone, which brought the rapid development in real estate. The Bestgrand also found developing chances in Daya Bay petrochemical zone construction by understanding the chemical industry increasingly. Now, the Bestgrand’ s businesses involve investment, chemical industry and real estate, each business certainly will co-share resources and complement advantages, co-develop benefit and achieve win-win, thus promoting the Bestgrand’s high development.

The Bestgrand Investment Focuses on “Product Technology and New Commercial Model-based” Enterprises
The Bestgrand will continue to focus on the two investment strategies in the future, which means firstly the company will aim at burgeoning product technology-based enterprises with certain advantages of technology, manufacturing cost and big markets, which also means the company will invest in new commercial model-based enterprises that cannot be reproduced, realizing rapid growth. 

The Bestgrand Chemical Pays Attention to Fine Chemical Industry and Diversified Development
The Bestgrand was established based on petrochemical zone. The highest decision-makers have made resolution to develop the enterprise in line with diversification of chemical industry when they decided to undertake chemical industry, so the company will develop chemical industry in diversified methods based on the high start point. The future developments focus on two aspects, one is resource superiority projects around petrochemical zones, and the other is biochemical industry, especially plant extracts markets.

The Bestgrand Real Estate: Resource Concentration, Professional Advancement|
The Bestgrand realized that only by resource concentration and professional advancement, can it become stronger and larger. Strength is the first and scale is the second. The Bestgrand Real Estate commits itself to becoming a company with characteristics in real estate market segments. The characteristics firstly involve stable cash flow; the Bestgrand Real Estate realizes the steadiness of cash flow with property holding, long and stable rental return. It combines long-term with short-term, and supports long-term by short-term. The second characteristic is project quality because project is basis for growth of Bestgrand Real Estate, and the company has quality advantage in this aspect. Thirdly, look for opportunities in the third and fourth–tier cities and travel real estate instead of in the first and second-tier cities which have fierce competition and radical changes and also are greatly affected by macro-control.

Culture is the blood for an enterprise to have continuous development, so Bestgrand pays special attention to the corporate culture construction and every member is influenced by it, thus creating an excellent work team. A good team can create better achievements, while high passion and innovation ability in the work can provide continuous power for the development of Bestgrand.


Corporate Mission:
Beautify our life by techniques and strengthen our nation by industry


Core Values:
To be honest in person and to be dedicated in work


Management style:
Simple, practical, efficient


Management Culture:
Easy to know, simple to do
Better to accept if easy to know, better to realize if easy to do


Executive Culture:
Dedicated, hardworking and practices makes perfect.


Management Elements:
Organizing leadership, making strategy and then taking action.



Enterprise Spirit
Be honest in person, be dedicated in work

Before 2000, Bestgrand was mainly based on Huiyang District and the employees were composed of the classmates, friends and acquaintances of the founder Huang Shaokang, without normalized work system and management.  But after 2000, the business of the company has been all over Huizhou, so the growth of company was in need of strict and normative guidelines.

Through ups and downs, Bestgrand has deeply realized the importance of “honesty” for the long term development of the company, and we believe that as long as everyone is open and honest with each other, communication within our company and business with other companies will be smoother and achieve win-win results.  However, the marketplace is just like the battle field, being honest alone cannot guarantee the everlasting of a company.  If employees do not work dedicatedly, it will be difficult for them to do a good job with faith only.  So Bestgrand is convinced that a man should not only Be honest in person but also be dedicated in work.


Beautifying Life with Technology, Serving our Motherland with Industry

The concept “beautifying life with technology” embodies a wonderful and practical pursuit of Bestgrand. In fact, Bestgrand has always attached great importance to social responsibility and people’s livelihood and welfare.  Therefore, when carrying out projects, Bestgrand always ensures that the project’s environment safety and eco-friendliness, making sure that the surrounding people are healthy and comfortable by our own duty.

As for the wish of “Serving the Motherland with Industry” Bestgrand people cherish it as our ultimate mission.  In recent years, Bestgrand has ventured some enterprises to help them to be NO.1 in China, but Bestgrand hopes even more that the subsidiary companies of our own to achieve the dream of become “China's NO.1”.  In terms of being “China's NO.1”, what Bestgrand values is not on the scale, strength or profitability of the company, but the contributions to society and the country.  We believe that only when a large number of good companies that can make a significant contribution emerge, can the strong take-off of Chinese economy be supported, and thus China can be expected to be rank among the world economic powers.


Advocate Review Culture

“Review” is a chess term that refers to replay the game after the game is completed to check the gains and losses.  The idea can be extended to repeatedly thinking about the details after getting things done to have a better solution. Bestgrand advocates this kind of culture which is good for staff’s growth and company’s progress.  When a major project is completed, the company will review thoroughly.  No matter the project benefit or not, it can help the leadership grow rapidly and the management team improve the decision-making ability when review carefully.  Bestgrand emphases that “intentional good deeds are not praised while unintentional mistakes are not punished”, so the company is convinced that only by letting the team do what they want, can the company maintain a steady innovation and achieve greater development.


Stick to the Invested Projects

The behavior style of Bestgrand is careful decision-making and bold execution.  When investing hundreds of millions of money to carry out a new project, normally, companies will consider the cost of mistakes, and they will hesitate to move forward without sufficient understanding.  But Bestgrand believes that we always has to pay for the new projects in new areas, therefore, once we are convinced that the project is feasible, we will adhere to the end.  Even if leading to a dead end, we still have the faith to find ways out.

We can say that, the confident calmness to the costs and the positive perception to difficulty enable some unexpected projects of Bestgrand to keep on to the end.  And these project have got a good return, or we believe will get a good return finally.  For example, the subsidiary company Fareach Colorful Printing Industry Co., Ltd. was operated at a loss for the first decade, but it now become the largest color printing factory in Huizhou because of our insistence. The technical solutions to the Eastern HI Land Project repeatedly failed, but the task was completed ultimately because of our continuous work.  The early project of Lianhong Chemical Co., Ltd. has lost tens of millions RMB, but we persevered unremittingly and eventually got a good return.  Another example is Suzhou Phylion Battery which is still at a loss, but we believe its bright prospects and still insist on holdings.

Full Devolution
Mencius said: The tendency of man’s nature to good is like the tendency of water to flow downwards.  Bestgrand believes people are born with goodness, and society is also trustworthy. Bestgrand has a complete trust in the leadership , letting them have full control of  the practical affairs of the company.  So, in this atmosphere full of trust, the founder of Bestgrand, Mr. Huang Shaokang almost gives out all core powers of the company, such as contracts signing, financial signature, file chopping and so on.


Bestgrand insists the concept that vesting others with good faith and then you will receive diligence and fidelity.  Only when the company treats employees with good faith, can employees make a positive performance in the company.  If working comfortably, employees will use their wisdom fully and seek more benefits for the company and for himself .  The competitiveness of enterprise is the competitiveness of team.  Therefore, if the team is not fully trusted or without sufficient authority, it will not be able to help the company shoulder more responsibilities.


Barrier-free between Superior and Subordinate’s Communication
Communication is an art.  So, companies have to do well in communicating to make sure its resolutions and decisions are carried out effectively.  At present, although Bestgrand is a large company with huge assets, it is different from most of the large companies where each major project and serviceneeds to be examined and approved by all levels of departments, which often takes a long time to make the final decision and may cause the information conveyed distorted. While Bestgrand is not the case, as long as the leadership is at home, they can hold a meeting at any time to discuss solutions to major issues and important matters.  The superior and subordinate communication is timely and smooth without any trouble or time consuming.  This is the embodiment of full confidence in Bestgrand and the great respect for employees.  And the employees are fully aware of the spirit of being honest with each other and mutually respect, and pay more attention to the company business.


Team Training and Talent Investment
Bestgrand thinks that the process of a company’s becoming mature and strong is the process of growth and accumulation.  During this time, the team is bound to experience some downs and encounter several failures.  And this kind of failure is absolutely indispensable when it comes to the company's training of leadership.  We will pay tuition fees on either this or that project, which is the price that has to be paid for the development of the company and the growth of a leader.  As long as carefully reviewing and analyzing the lessons learned after every failure, we will be able to obtain substantial progress and become mature and strong to shoulder more important responsibilities for the company in the future. If a company does not have a broad-mind for the price of the growth of the team and the leaders, it is difficult to achieve a long-term and stable development.


Regarding the Staff as Family instead of Appointing People by Favoritism

Familization is widespread in private enterprises.  Despite the increasing growth of Bestgrand, no relatives of Mr.Huang Shaokang is in leadership team or key positions of the Bestgrand system.

Bestgrand is not a family firm, but it is more than a family firm because Bestgrand regards employees as family members. In Bestgrand, people are the most valuable asset.  Bestgrand advocates the people-oriented concept, respects each employee and provides them with good benefits and broad promotion space.  So far, all employees in Bestgrand system, including production line workers, have social insurance and a variety of benefits.  In addition to various festival subsidies and bonuses, Bestgrand sends thank-you letters with allowance to the families of each employee on every Spring Festival to express the thanks of Bestgrand Holdings.


Leadership Must Possess Both Ability and Virtue, Virtue Prior for the Top Leader, Ability First for the Primary Mainstays

“Possessing both ability and virtue” is the essential requirement of the assessment of Bestgrand leadership.  As for high-level leaders, Bestgrand requirement is that “possessing both ability and integrity, with virtue first”, while the requirement of primary leaders is to “possess both ability and integrity, with ability first”.  As high-level talents participating in strategic decisions of the company, no matter how capable he or she is, he or she will bring unpredictable negative effects to the development of the company without moral quality.  So the requirement of moral quality is placed at a high level in the cultivation of the senior team.  As for the primary leaders responsible for specific operational matters, if they have high moral standards but low business level and weak learning ability, they will bring more costs and reduce the operation efficiency of the company.

The core value of Bestgrand is to “Be honest in person, be dedicated in work”, among which, to “be honest in person” is more important.  In the use of the leaders, the idea of Bestgrand is that “Man’s nature is good”, that is, to give full trust to the appointed leaders.  However, once found dishonest in work, the trust and appointment will be greatly deducted.  For this reason, no employees in Bestgrand have the guts or willness to tell lies.


Business First, Individual Second

The Bestgrand thinks that selflessness is a kind of statement of human nature distortion, individual first and collective second is the real expression of human nature, while “collective first, individual second” is the embodiment of human’s nobility, which is proposed by the Bestgrand.  However, there are premises for the proposal.  For instance, the Bestgrand offers competitive salary and bonus to increase staff’ senses of happiness and success.  Another premise is that enough authority delegation can give staff stimulation, with which the staff will have more initiation.  If they feel comfortable and cozy, they will fulfill their task actively and put the collective first.  Thereby, what the Bestgrand pursues is humane management.  The Bestgrand expects its staff can really put the collective first after they accept the company’s concept and mechanism.

Bestgrand has got good economic benefits from the business and also paid attention to carry forward Chinese traditional virtue. In the past 20 years, Bestgrand has returned much for the society and concerned the public welfare undertaking, making its contributions to the social development.


We engaged in charity early and for a long time, as early as in 1992, Bestgrand initialized to set up scholarship to the Department of Physics in Huizhou University, and it’s been keeping and growing since then.


We engaged in charity in great scale and effectively. In 2007, Bestgrand donated HKD50 million for Huizhou Mother and Child Health Care Center’s repair and construction and donated RMB4 million for county charity association. This gives Bestgrand a highly reputation. By June of 2010, Bestgrand has donated up to RMB27 million and HKD56 million for the public welfare.


Respecting the senior citizens can create a harmonious society. Since the establishment of Rongcai Fund in 2006, Bestgrand bears the mind of “respecting the olds, supporting the education and helping the needs”, and every month it insists on providing old-respect money and consolation money for 75-plus-year old people. In addition, Bestgrand also cares about teachers and poor students in the village in a paying prize way. From the year of 2010, Rongcai Fund enlarges the range from Yonghu County of Huiyang District to Sanjiang Country of Wenchuan County, and over 1,600 old people are benefited.